Best Garage Doors for Elderly Homeowners

Having a car can be a great way to stay independent as you get older, but storing it can be a challenge. A garage is the best option, as cars parked on drives or out on the street are more vulnerable to theft and weather damage. Traditional garage doors can be difficult to open, and you could risk injury or muscle strain by regularly pushing yourself to open a stiff or heavy door. [Read More]

Lift Or Separate: Are Tilting Or Sectional Garage Doors Right For Your Business?

Commercial-grade garage doors are essential pieces of equipment for many businesses and industries, ranging from warehousing and storage to large-scale technical and fabrication industries. However, you have a number of choices to make when purchasing and installing garage doors for your business, and one of the most important is choosing how your doors will open. Two of the most common garage door opening mechanisms are tilting doors and sectional doors. Both of these types of garage doors are robust, reliable and suited for use in a wide variety of industries and environments. [Read More]

Three Tips for Creating the Perfect Multipurpose Farm Shed

It can be daunting to plan a cost-effective shed to suit your farm needs and accommodate the variety of equipment, tools, machinery and chemicals required for a successful agricultural business. Check out these three handy tips for creating the perfect multipurpose farm shed. Make the space easy to use Organising your farm shed is the key to creating an efficient workplace environment. Take the time to consider how you will be using your shed, and ensure that your building plans effectively meet your specific needs. [Read More]

Garage Door Torsion Springs: 3 FAQs

Torsion springs are arguably the heart of your garage door. That's why the door is "dead" now that the spring is broken. Replacing a broken garage door spring will be more beneficial if you understand these springs better. This understanding will enable you to take better care of the new spring(s) you're going to install. This article provides answers to three questions that homeowners often have about their garage door torsion springs. [Read More]