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Three Tips for Creating the Perfect Multipurpose Farm Shed

It can be daunting to plan a cost-effective shed to suit your farm needs and accommodate the variety of equipment, tools, machinery and chemicals required for a successful agricultural business. Check out these three handy tips for creating the perfect multipurpose farm shed.

Make the space easy to use

Organising your farm shed is the key to creating an efficient workplace environment. Take the time to consider how you will be using your shed, and ensure that your building plans effectively meet your specific needs. If you plan to use your shed for workshop jobs such as mechanical repairs, ensure that your shed has a concrete floor, personal access doors, and good quality roller doors. Adequate lighting and access to electricity outlets in your workshop area will make the space user friendly and even enjoyable to work in!

Ensure there is plenty of storage

Enough bench space for your farm shed workshop is a must, and to ensure that you can access all your tools and equipment with ease, it is important to install plenty of storage. Consider floor-to-ceiling shelving units, combined with pegboards for tool storage--not only will plenty of storage help keep the equipment you need within reach, you'll also be more likely to keep your shed organised and tidy.

Consider bushfire safety

When planning a farm shed it is vital that you consider bushfire safety before you start building. To reduce the threat of a fire in your farm shed, keep the area around your shed free from combustible material such as long grass, twigs and leaves. If you're planning to use your shed for hay storage, keep the moisture content low by ensuring that there will be plenty of room for airflow between hay stacks. It is also highly recommended that you store farm machinery and chemicals away from your hay stacks. For more information on how you can reduce the fire risk in and around your farm shed, check out this fire safety checklist.

Prioritise farm security

Keeping your farm machinery, equipment and tools safe from vandalism or theft is of utmost priority for every modern farmer. Prioritise the security of your shed by building it within sight of your home and construct it with heavy-duty materials. Install security lighting around your shed, and use good quality locksets on shed doors and windows. If you have firearms or dangerous chemicals, it is vital that you store these items securely in accordance with your state's storage standards for hazardous materials- you may wish to design your shed with secure spaces for this purpose.

For expert advice and assistance to plan a farm shed to suit your needs and budget, contact your local shed and roller door specialists today.