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Four Benefits Of Residential Tilt Doors For Your Garage

Residential tilt doors are a great way to keep the elements outside and your garage warm and dry. They are an excellent alternative to traditional garage doors, and these days, you can find them in a wide variety of styles, colours, and materials. Here are four benefits of residential tilt doors for your garage:

1. Residential Tilt Doors Save Space In Your Garage

The best part about having a tilt door on your garage is that it takes up less space than other types of doors. This means that you can fit more cars in one spot or store more boxes and other items in your garage. It also means that you don't have to worry about bumping into anything when walking through the door because there aren't any obstructions in the way. This can be especially helpful if you have a large vehicle that needs to be stored in your garage, such as an SUV or ute.

2. Residential Tilt Doors Are Safe To Use 

Residential tilt doors are safer than traditional garage doors because they do not require you to lift heavy objects over your head each time you enter or exit your garage. Instead, you can simply push them up and out of the way when it is time to enter or exit your home. This makes it much easier for homeowners with physical disabilities or injuries to lift heavy objects without fear of injury or strain. 

3. Residential Tilt Doors Have Aesthetic Appeal

Residential tilt doors look much more modern and stylish because they don't have any visible tracks or hardware on them. Traditional garage doors are usually made of metal, which makes them look quite dated and unattractive. Tilt doors can be made out of any material you like, including wood or composite materials, so they can match the aesthetic appeal of your home while still providing security and safety.

4. Residential Tilt Doors Are More Secure Than Overhead Doors

Traditional overhead garage doors aren't exactly secure because anyone can reach up and lift them open from below if they want to get inside your house without permission or an invitation. With a residential tilt door, however, there are no easy places for intruders to gain access through because the door is flush with the wall and there's nothing to reach up to grab onto. 

If you are interested in installing tilt doors on your garage, contact a professional garage door company to schedule an appointment.