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Garage Door Problems and Fixes

The garage is easily overlooked, as long as the door is functioning nobody cares to check if there are parts that need replacing or fixing. The only time homeowners think about garage door repairs is when the door is malfunctioning. And since most homeowners aren't conversant with garage door technology, it's better to hire garage door contractors.

Below are some of the typical garage door problems and their fixes.

Noisy garage door

There are at least six reasons why your garage is noisy. If your garage door is making rubbing noises every time you close or open it, that could be a sign of bent tracks. Some prefer to continue using the garage door, but it only worsens the problem. Instead, you can seek garage door repair services and have the bent tracks straightened. Other reasons include improper installation, acoustics, loose parts, unbalanced doors and inadequate lubrication.

A garage door that doesn't open or close all the way

A garage door that doesn't open all the way is a huge inconvenience as it limits access to the garage. You can fix the door or call garage door repair services. Start by checking if the garage door is balanced. Try and disconnect the door by pulling the emergency cord. Lift the door above the ground and release it to see where it lands. Check if it lands in the same place it was when you lifted it. If it doesn't you know it's off-balance. You can adjust the force limit to fix this problem. Also, check if the springs and rollers are functioning as they should.

If the door isn't closing, you can start by checking the safety sensors. Confirm that the safety sensors are aligned, and there is nothing in their line of sight. Also, check the close limit switch as it's a safety measure that decides when the door stops moving.

Worn out garage door

If you've used the same garage door for several decades, it's bound to wear out even with the best maintenance. You can try to use it for longer, but the better alternative is to replace it. Therefore, contact your garage door repair contractors and request for another garage door.

Ensure that you get a garage door that fits the style of your garage and offers better security features. A modern garage door is a good fit as it has security features that even tech-savvy intruders will find hard to crack.

For more information, contact a garage door repair service in your area.