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Maintenance Tips to Boost the Longevity of Your Roller Shutters

Most property owners choose to install roller shutters because they are virtually maintenance-free – less needs to be done to ensure they are running effectively. As with most things, however, roller shutters require general maintenance to last longer. Here are maintenance tips you should consider if you'd like to boost the longevity of your roller shutters.


Roller shutters should be cleaned regularly, so make it a habit to keep yours clean. The cleaning should be conducted at least twice a year in a metro suburb area, after two months in a coastal area and every four months in a rural area. Add mild detergent in a bucket and get a soft bristled brush to wash the roller shutters. But first, pre-rinse it then scrub gently with the soapy brush or broom whilst they are fully closed. Rinse and open the shutter partially to scrub the ventilation holes as well, then rinse again. You can also wipe them down using a damp cloth weekly after washing them.


Some roller shutter components need to be oiled to operate efficiently. Most people ignore this part of maintenance until they realise that the roller shutter isn't in working order. The roller requires care just like the shutters – be sure to oil them well regularly. Failing to do this will make the rollers stiff so the roller shutters will be difficult to close or open.

However, you need to be careful while choosing lubricants. Sticky products such as silicon-based lubricants shouldn't be used because they attract dirt and dust. If you aren't sure about the best product to use, ask your installation contractor for recommendations.


A balance check needs to be done every month, so consider contacting a qualified expert to do this task. The expert will check if the shutters are running smoothly and that they don't stop at a point. Roller shutters that are out of balance are likely to collapse, which could cause injury to your feet or damage products.

Parts replacement

Because roller shutters get moved up and down regularly every day, the bolts and fixings can become loose over time, making the shutters dangerous. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this by inspecting the shutters often. When you realise that some parts are misplaced or missing, change the shutter's operating mechanism to manual and contact a technician for assistance. This way, you will ensure the shutters operate efficiently and avoid damaging other components, which will translate to costly repairs.

For more information, contact a company that offers residential roller shutters.