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Repainting a Wooden Garage Door: Guide for DIY Homeowners

Wooden garage doors are revered for so many good reasons including their natural beauty, good heat-insulation qualities and tremendous potential for creating custom designs. If you have installed a painted wooden garage door, it will need to be repainted from time to time. The paint finish serves two main purposes: first, to protect the underlying wood from the deteriorating effects of the elements; and second, to give the door an attractive finishing. 

Repainting a wooden garage door is a small home improvement project that any DIY homeowner can handle. But it is very important to first learn how one can perform the job like a pro. Read on if you want to be acquainted with the secrets to achieving great results when you are repainting a wooden garage door.

Prepping the door

Before you can embark on the repainting, you must make sure that your door is properly prepped. Start by hosing down the door with a pressurised garden hose. However, you should be careful not to spray wash the door with water that has too much pressure, as this can damage the wood. It is a good idea to use manufacturer recommended wood cleaning products so that you can remove any dirt that may have accumulated on the surface of the wood. You may also need a hard-bristled brush to scrub off any mould, algae, and other bacterial microorganisms that might appear on the surface of the door. Leave the door to dry.

Meanwhile, inspect your wood for any signs of wear. For example, if you see any signs of incursion by carpenter ants, you will need to call in a pest control specialist for treatment before you can continue with your repainting. Having garage door repairs done beforehand will ensure you can keep your newly painted garage door as long as possible.

Once the door has become dry, use the hard-tufted brush to scrape off any old paint peelings. Sand the door using sandpaper to give it a smooth finish.

Painting the door

Once you are done with all the prepping, your door will be ready for fresh paint application. Make sure to choose paint products that are specially designed for your wood type and mix everything according to the paint manufacturer's instructions. The remaining part is rather easy: You simply grab a paint brush (or roller) and start painting the door from top to bottom. Try as much as possible to achieve a smooth, uniform application of the paint.

Also, apply at least two coats of paint: the first coat conceals the blemishes on the surface of the wood, whereas the second one gives you the nice finishing you want everyone to see on your door.