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The Top Three Reasons Your Garage Door Won't Open

It's incredibly useful to have a garage of your own--but sometimes they have trouble, and many people have had the experience of trying to drive away one morning and discovering that they can't open the door! If your garage door is giving you trouble, there are three things that are so common they're almost ubiquitous that could be causing it. Read on to learn what those three things are and what you should do if they happen to you.

#1: You've suffered the infamous torsion spring snappage.

Absolutely the single most common reason that a garage door stops opening is that the torsion spring has snapped. These springs are actually only rated for a certain number of cycles; they're all going to snap eventually, as they're under an immense amount of pressure. When it happens you'll probably know about it--the sound is highly distinctive and often very loud indeed!

It is possible to replace these springs yourself, but it can be a little dangerous and should only be attempted by people who are confident in their DIY skills. Most people will want to get a garage door repair company out to tackle it for them, and it's usually the safer course of action! Thankfully all garage door repair companies are used to dealing with this and probably have a service designed to get out to you and open the door up ASAP.

#2: The cables holding the door up have snapped.

If the springs have broken, the cables holding the door up need to take a great deal more weight than they previously were called upon to do. They're designed to need to do this occasionally--all garage door manufacturers take into account that torsion springs will eventually snap--but it's hard on them, and sometimes they give in.

If this has happened to your garage door, you should under no circumstances attempt to open the door or repair the spring yourself: it can be incredibly dangerous, and the likelihood of the whole door crashing down onto you is high. Get a professional in to see to it for you and avoid this risk entirely; it simply isn't worth attempting it without the proper training and expertise.

#3: The power source is unplugged or otherwise disrupted.

Everyone has, at some point, absent-mindedly unplugged the wrong thing and not realised they've done it; it's totally normal. If your garage door is unresponsive, be sure and pop inside the garage and ensure that everything is actually plugged in and turned on before you start panicking! It might sound obvious, but plenty of garage door contractors have been called out only to discover when they arrive that this is the "problem". Make sure you're not about to become one of them by double-checking before you make the call!

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