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The Door On Your Garage: Which Will It Be?

Tilt garage doors were once a popular option in many Australian homes. However, those days are long gone. Tilt doors would probably be taken to a 'garage door museum' if such a place existed. It's good to find out what your options are in terms of a replacement garage door. The roller shutter door and the sectional garage door are your main options. Each comes with its pros and cons, some of which are compared below.

The Cost Factor When it comes to garage doors, the cost of a new door often doesn't include the cost of its installation. That having been said, the average cost of a double-car roller garage door would be something in the range of AUD 1500 on the lower side. A similar sectional garage door would cost approximately AUD 2000. The quoted prices include the approximate cost of installation. Unfortunately, cost is among the most rigid of factors that will affect your choice of garage door. There'll seldom be a significant price difference between suppliers. Perhaps DIY installation of the door is the only sure way to make substantial savings on garage door replacement.

The Noise Factor The noise factor could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the angle from which you approach it. Roller garage doors are designed with a track mechanism that facilitates the rolling mechanism from which this type of door derives its name.  The track mechanism relies on the up and down movement of a chain rail. This movement generates a noisy disturbance that's common with roller doors. A disturbance that would become a thing of the past with a sectional garage door. If the garage is located right under your bedroom, the noise might easily replace your alarm as the source of your wake-up call every morning. On the other hand, a noisy garage door will give you a heads-up in the event of an attempted break-in. A security feature of sorts.

The Window Factor The incorporation of windows into garage doors has become an increasingly popular trend in recent times. Windows are a great way to allow regulated amounts of sunlight into an otherwise dark garage area. Because sectional doors have a segmented design, it would be easier to incorporate windows into the structure of a sectional door than it would when working with a roller door. As windows allow light into the garage, however, they also present the opportunity for criminals to find out what you've stored behind the roller/sectional door. It also provides an easy access point for criminals who won't hesitate to vandalize the window(s).