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4 Ways to Maintain Your Roller Garage Door

Garage doors are vital fixtures that provide security to your home. They also add to the curb appeal of your property by complimenting your home's design and driveway space. If you just had a new roller garage door installed, or are planning on getting one, read on to see what it takes to keep your new fixture working for years to come.


The most basic aspect to maintaining your new garage door is keeping it clean. This will involve cleaning the horizontal slats to get rid of dust or grease. You can use a garage door cleaner or a damp cloth to get the job done. You should also clean the rail guides using a brush to get rid of dirt that might obstruct the door from closing or opening properly.

In addition to that, get your roller garage door professionally cleaned at least once a year. A professional cleaner will get rid of dirt lodged in between the slats or inside roller box where you might not be able to reach safely.


Garage doors can get faulty parts from time to time depending on the nature of use they're exposed to. Some of the most common repairs you can expect to run into include worn bearings, damaged motor and dented guides. Worn bearings will have your roller door making loud noises when opening or closing. This is abated by replacing the bearing set.

Dented guides will prevent your roller door from closing or opening as it should. These can be repaired by straightening or guide replacement. Your motor may also require a ball bearing change or shaft re-tooling if faulty. A technician can advise you after a quick inspection.


Once you've had your roller door for a while and wish to change the aesthetics, you can customise it without having to get another door. One easy way to do so is by having it painted another color. You can do so to match your walls, doors or the color of your roof. Alternatively, you can simply accentuate your roller door by having different slats painted in different colors.


If you have, or are getting, a manually-operated garage door, getting it automated is one way to add to its longevity. This is because, when automated, your garage door will be exposed to less human error during use. Automation also makes operating your roller garage door much easier as you can open it while still in your car and with the convenience of not getting physically exhausted. All you'll have to do is purchase a motor and have it installed in your garage.

By following the tips above, your garage door will remain in great shape and last the entire lifespan prescribed by the manufacturer. For more tips or assistance, consult resources like Ian's Garage Door Centre Pty Ltd.